Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Encumbrance tracker spreadsheet

I cribbed up a spreadsheet for tracking encumbrance in real time that shows the total weight, the current encumbrance level, and the effect on dodge and move. Now I can require players to track encumbrance (or do so for their hirelings or other NPCs) without having it bog down the game.

You can get it either in OpenOffice format or Excel.

In order to use it, fill in the (N)PC's name and all the fields in grey: Lifting ST, Unencumbered Move, and Unencumbered Dodge.


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  2. Do this on a Google Docs spreadsheet, and everyone (that it's shared to) can see it at the same time, including the GM. I did an encumbrance thing like that, but for the pack animals—that way, if one got stolen or killed, we'd know what it was carrying. More crunchy than some are willing to tolerate, though—YMMV